Did someone say Luxury Shoes?

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Yes, you got that right! After receiving various feedback's in 2009, Miss OCD has decided to bring you a wider, bolder and more comfortable range of shoes for 2010 onwards! Our supplier calls them "Luxury Shoes" (but I'd like to think of them as luxurious and heaven sent shoes!) and trust me when I say this.. I actually touched, felt and tried them on and indeed they are LUXURIOUS in every single way! With comfort (think CUSHION!) and style all added up into ONE, who can resist? ;) I promise you, that you will NOT regret this purchase!

Psst... If you are a regular shopper on eBay, you will realize the shoes HERE are cheaper!

to receive emails for updates @ luxury shoes,

email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

and say

"I want to subscribe for luxury shoes!"

If you have no idea on how to order and how the mechanics of this pre-order blog works, please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" and "How to order" column on the left. If any unanswered question(s) arises, feel free to email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

Love always,
Miss OCD

18 June 2010

Batch 6 : 18 june - 25 june

Hey dolls :)

We know batch 5 has JUST ended but we came across this lovelyyy shoe so we decided to open another Batch :) Do take note all shoes from all batches are up for preorder so please do not hesitate to order from batch 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 :D

Batch 6 (18 June - 25 June) : NOW OPEN

do expect a few days of delay (as seen in batch 1, 2, 3, 4 : status at the top left corner) as stocks at supplier run out really fast and it takes around 3 days to replenish new stocks (it could take more than 3 days.. in this case we would ask you to change your order to another design or a full refund will be given. we hope you understand)

EXAMPLE: You have placed an order for shadow shoes in size 7. and you have paid the deposit before the closing date. Batch 4 orders are sent to my supplier after the closing date and they respond by saying shadow shoes in size 7 is out of stock. I will then email you the news and ask whether you would like to wait or change your order.

**if your shoes are unavailable (out of stock), you can choose to WAIT or change your order to another design :)**

Please keep in mind that this is a preorder and it takes time. If you are not willing to wait, then please do not place an order. (this is because even if the closing date is stated as 3rd may, it still takes some time for supplier to process the order. Please understand we have quite a number of orders and NOT all shoes will be available at ONE time. BUT we assure you the wait is worth it for these gorgeous, mind blowing shoes :D)

ALL shoes in the site is up for preorder, so take your pick and go crazzzzzzzy! :)

BUY 3 pairs of shoe and enjoy free poslaju worth rm27
(only if all 3 are sent to the same address!)

Please take note:
our best selling Shadow shoes are now available in all sizes!

If you want the shoes to arrive ASAP we actually have an order shipping this MONDAY (21 June) So if you're deposit/full payment is in by Monday, we can combine shipping with Batch 5 shoes!

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