Did someone say Luxury Shoes?

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Yes, you got that right! After receiving various feedback's in 2009, Miss OCD has decided to bring you a wider, bolder and more comfortable range of shoes for 2010 onwards! Our supplier calls them "Luxury Shoes" (but I'd like to think of them as luxurious and heaven sent shoes!) and trust me when I say this.. I actually touched, felt and tried them on and indeed they are LUXURIOUS in every single way! With comfort (think CUSHION!) and style all added up into ONE, who can resist? ;) I promise you, that you will NOT regret this purchase!

Psst... If you are a regular shopper on eBay, you will realize the shoes HERE are cheaper!

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If you have no idea on how to order and how the mechanics of this pre-order blog works, please refer to the "Terms & Conditions" and "How to order" column on the left. If any unanswered question(s) arises, feel free to email: miss.ocd.in.shopping@gmail.com

Love always,
Miss OCD

09 August 2010

Batch 8

*we just added some new shoes!*

Batch 8! (3 August - 14 August)

Hello girls! :)

We are opening our Batch 8 for RAYA! But of course, we are welcoming all who are thirsty for gorgeous shoes as well! :)) (For those who are celebrating RAYA and those who are not.. we welcome you!) 1st things 1st, Please take note of the date (3 Aug-14 Aug). This is because we know how much you girls want new shoes for RAYA and it will be a bummer if the shoes arrive late :( Thus, the time frame is of essence :)
We only have 1 new design for Batch 8 but no worries, ALL shoes for ALL batches are up for order :) (EXCEPT Simply Simple) But some shoes might and might not be available.. Do email us to inquire :)

Things you need to know:
1) Please make sure a deposit/full payment is in by the closing date (14 August)
2) This is a preorder. So please be ready to wait for the shoes to arrive. Some shoes will arrive faster than the rest (depending on supplier's stocks..) Some popular ones may need to wait a little more longer. Do bear with us :)
3) Please be sure about your shoe size (You can email us if you are not sure..) Shoes are not returnable and not exchangeable (Do read the Terms and Conditions located on your left)
4) Shoes will arrive in approximately 1-2 weeks after closing date (BUT they may arrive sooner or later than that.. It will depend on the availability of stocks..)
4) We have a special promotion: Buy 3 pairs and get FREE poslaju worth rm27! :) (Only applicable if we send it to the same address..)

Please submit this form when ordering:
Contact No:
Item 1:
Color (If applicable):
Item 2:
Color (If applicable):
Item 3:
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Lastly, happy shopping :)

Love always,
Miss OCD in shopping

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